product design | illustration | tattoos
kingsley | 27 | ⚣

richmond, virginia

[email protected]

❌ please don't tattoo my work! ❌
❌ please don't repost my work! ❌

🖋️ copic markers, pens, clip studio paint 🖋️

✨ lots of animals, bones, bugs, flowers. ✨
🐾 expect ocassional furry commissions 🐾

🚫 some tasteful nudity and gore 🚫

i like nature, animals, golden kamuy, jjba, yakuza, true crime, zoos/aquariums, museums and rock climbing/hiking.

i live with my cats, speedbump and horseradish, my girlfriend, owlapin, and work full-time as a self-employed artist, taking commissions, going to conventions, and running my store.

i am also a tattoo apprentice at unkindness art in richmond, virginia!

[ cons on hold due to COVID-19 ]

✨ Commission rates & info found here! ✨

Commissions are currently OPEN